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You know how it is, your young, rebellious, you want to rebel against your zombie experimenting father, especially when you have a young lady friend to impress!

This is a sort of boy meets girl, girl gets killed, boy revives girl as one of the living dead sort of films, as youll see!

So, rebellious teenager Curtis (J. Trevor Edmond) and his girlfriend Julie (Mindy Clarke) break into his dads military base using his stolen security card.  Here the pair witness a corpse being brought back to life using a gas called, Trioxin.

Later, Curt's father (Kent McCord) finds out that he's been reassigned to Oklahoma.  Curt doesnt want to go with him, so, after an argument with pops, he and Julie run away together, but they don't get far before Julie is fatally injured when their bike crashes. 

Of course, Curt has the brainwave of an idea, of breaking into dad's lab again and using the gas to bring his beloved Julie to life!

Curt drags her corpse to the base where he does just that - he brings her back to life using the Trioxin.  Julie doesnt remember what happened and asks Curtis, who casually informs her that she's dead!

Julie seems to be fine, except that she cant stop eating.  We next see her in a convenient store where Julie is shoving all the junk food she can into her mouth.  A robbery takes place and a clerk is shot.  Our hungry Julie rips a chunk of flesh from one of the thieves arm (I guess she was hungrier than we first thought!)  Not content with this light snack she then eats the clerk's brains!  Mmm tasty I bet brains you cant beat em!  Of course, as is the case in zombie movies, the dead clerk comes back to life and attacks the cops when they arrive.

The thieves pursue Curt and Julie into the sewers.  Here our two young lovers meet a bum, Riverman.

When the thieves catch up with Curtis, they start to beat the crap out of him, that is until Julie appears in al her zombie glory with piercings to die for (geddit?)  She looks great, the best looking zombie chick in any dead flick!  Ah-hem!  She kills the crooks and Riverman.  Then of course, all the dead thieves and Riverman come back to life as zombies themselves.  As luck would have it though - the military shows up.  Hurrah!

Next we cut back to the military base where it all began, and Julie is kept as Specimen 32 as part of a special weapons project.  Riverman the bum is confined there too, until he goes crazy.  The military shoot at him, and all the other zombies join in.  Curtis grabs Julie and they flee, but then Curtis goes and gets himself bit, so hes now a zombie too (darn it!)

It ends as they step into the incinerator together (aint that sweet!)

This is one of the best zombie films, because its such fun; its certainly the best Return series movie.