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1973  Dir: William Friedkin.  Wrtr: William Peter Blatty.  With: Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Jason Miller, Max von Sydow.

If you've not seen it, forget what you've heard about this movie: talk of a spinning head, vomiting pea soup, telling Priests to go fuck themselves etc.  All of these delights are served up in the movie, but the film has been sent up and talked about so much, that if you haven't viewed it, you could almost be expecting a comedy (Carry On Don't Lose Your Head, perhaps?) 

In fact the shocker has been parodied wholesale in the film, Repossessed.  A comedy from the same stable as the Airplane and Naked Gun films, and starring old swivel-head herself - Linda Blair, star of the original film. Leslie Neilson, star of the Airplane and Naked Gun films features as the exorcist.  The result was not that impressive and as I've said this only adds to the comic expectations of the original.

But when you see The Exorcist, it stills sends a chill down the old spine; it still has the power to terrify - however, you still laugh when her head spins round!

So a teenage girl thinks it would be a fun idea to play with a ouiija board; that is until she becomes possessed by the Devil and then it don't look like it was that good of an idea after all!

At first her mother thinks that she is just ill, so she calls a doctor, but then she starts levitating and the mother realises that maybe this isn't some illness and that maybe it would be batter to call in a priest instead.

The priest doesn't do too well either, so then they call in yes; you've guessed it - the friendly neighbourhood exorcist (Max von Sydow)

The Devil inside our Regan is not too keen on the exorcist and spits green vomit all over him, causes Regan to swear her head off (and at one point almost spin her head off!) and generally makes her behave in a manner not befitting of a young teenage girl - especially when she starts masturbating with a crucifix!

This is a truly chilling movie.  The bits in the girl's bedroom, especially when she has completely transformed, are the most terrifying ever to be committed to celluloid.  You can sense the cold atmosphere of the room, it comes off the screen - it lives!

There is no doubting that this film is creepy beyond belief, but is it the most terrifying, scariest film ever made as it is proclaimed to be?