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Here are ten personal favourite horror movies, not in any real order, and just a selection that I have enjoyed over the years.
Man who solves a Rubiks cube type puzzle box summons demons from hell that want to tear his soul apart! here
Ginger Snaps
High school girl by the name of Ginger is bitten by a werewolf and then snaps big time! here
Bride of Frankenstein
Dr Frankenstein is back, this time teaming up with an even madder scientist to create a bride for his monster.
Cat People (1942)
Descendant of an ancient race of people believes she will turn into a large black cat.
The Abominable Dr Phibes
Mad disfigured organist takes revenge on those he thinks were responsible or his wifes death. here
The Wicker Man
The pagan community of a remote Scottish island have built something huge for May Day! here
The Howling
News reporter encounters a werewolf while investigating a story (this never happens to Katie Derham!)
Razorblade Smile
Vampire hitwoman causes bloody mayhem and leaves behind many a pale corpse as she goes about her business. here
Return of the Living Dead 3
Boy meets girl, girl dies, boy resurrects her as one of the living dead! here
The Vampire Lovers
Carmilla is a bloodsucking immortal who isnt fussy who she bites, or who she beds!