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a.k.a  Freeze Me

2000 Dir: Takashi Ishii With: Harumi Inoue, Naoto Takenaka, Kazuki Kitamura, Shingo Tsurumi, Shunsuke Matsuoka

Chihiro (Japanese nude model, Harumi Inoue) is an attractive girl, with a good job, a loving boyfriend and a nice apartment. However she has a dark secret, a shameful rape that happened to her 5 years previously, at the hands of three men from her hometown, which was also videotaped by them. Chihiro was so traumatized and shamed by the incident that she didn't report it to anyone. She moves to Tokyo to forget her past, and becomes a career woman.

Are you familiar with the saying: "revenge is a dish, best served cold"? Well, it couldn't have been more appropriate for this movie!

Chihiro thinks she's left this incident well and truly in her past, until that is, Hirokawa, one of the men who raped her, turns up at her apartment.

She is forced into letting him stay and giving in to his sexual advances. He tells her that the other two men who raped her will be arriving soon, Minoru Baba, the gang leader, who is about to be released from jail, and Atsushi Kojima, a manic depressive who has recently lost his job.

She tries to keep her life as normal as possible, putting up with Hirokawa's violence (he has a fondness for kicking her on the backside - what a charming man!) and desperately trying to keep his existence from everyone, especially boyfriend Nogami. Hirokawa one morning strolls around nude in the hallway and distributes the photos of the rape through her neighbour's letterboxes. Luckily she manages to retrieve them.

When Chihiro sneaks out to spend a night with Nogami, Hirokawa becomes enraged. The next day he strides into her office and demands to see her and she loses her job through his behaviour.

Troubled by this incident Nogami turns up at Chihiro's apartment. At the door Chihiro tells Nogami about her rape, and who Hirokawa is. Nogami, upset, and not knowing how to take this, turns and walks away, much to the amusement of Hirokawa

Chihiro cannot see any way out of this situation and is eventually forced to kill him while he's taking a bath. She hits him over the head with a bottle, but a struggle in the bathtub ensues, with Hirokawa attempting to drown Chihiro. She eventually overcomes him and pushes him back into the bath. Hirokawa hits his head on the wall and slides down into the bathtub.

She stores his body in her fridge! Where else?!

Next she purchases a freezer, joking with the delivery man that she's got it to store her ex-boyfriend in.

Another of the rapists, Kojima, now turns up wanting to know where Hirokawa is (well ... er ... in the freezer?) He is depressed after losing his job and starts off by begging her for forgiveness.

He discovers that Hirokawa's mobile phone is still there, but Chihiro tells him that he left some days earlier. She becomes stuck with him

After drinking heavily he becomes violent and makes advances on Chihiro. She tells him that she needs to take a shower and that then they can carry on from where they left off. While left on his own, Kojima discovers the corpse in the freezer. Shocked by the fact that Chihiro doesn't just store the yoghurt and the milk in there, he stumbles away, unaware that Chihiro is behind him, she then hits him over the head with a hammer.

She kills him - and of course purchases another freezer!

Problem solved again!

That is until the third of the rapists, Baba, the one who has recently got out of jail, turns up and makes himself at home in her flat, in exactly the same way the others had done. He spends most of his time playing her playstation game, which he gets really engrossed in. He keeps shouting: 'Kill kill!' as he plays it.

This he is doing when Chihiro is hovering behind him, waiting for her moment to do him in too! Looks like it's time to get yet another freezer!

With Baba nicely stored away in another freezer (told you!) during the next couple of days Chihiro stays in her apartment, and begins talking to the dead men and struggling to stay cool herself, as the amount of power consumed by three large freezers doesn't allow for the air conditioning to be used without tripping the main fuse! (No wonder the flat is such a mess - she can't plug in the Hoover!)

She decides to leave and begin a new life in Europe, and leave the bodies behind to be discovered when the freezers start dripping into the apartments below!

As she is about to leave, Nogami turns up asking for her forgiveness. Without even asking: 'What's with the three big freezers, Chihiro?' he and Chihiro spend the night together. However he stumbles on her secret while searching for the source of a strange smell that has been present ever since he entered her flat (now I wonder what that is!) He opens one of the freezers.

Never mind she has a solution to his discovery ...