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2001 Dir: John Fawcett. With: Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, Kris Leache, Mimi Rogers.

Two sisters Brigitte and Ginger seem much more morbid than most people and like to take photographs of each other in death scenes, using fake blood to make it look like they've been murdered or killed. Everyone else at school think they're weird, and they are basically misfits.

Some animal is at large, killing the dogs in their neighbourhood, and one night when Ginger and Brigitte are out, Ginger is attacked by a large wolf-like animal. The strange creature is accidentally killed not so long after when it is hit by a van.

Afterwards, Ginger's wounds that she received from the animal heal up much quicker than normal, and in the following days Ginger appears to be acting oddly. However, everyone seems to put Ginger's behaviour down to her getting her first period (now there's PMT for you!)

Brigitte has noticed that something is really wrong; Ginger is not only changing personality, but also changing form. (It becomes more obvious what is happening here when Ginger starts growing a tail!

Ut-oh - werewolf!

Despite the obvious low budget (the effects at the end where Ginger makes the complete transformation into a werewolf is not as great as it could have been) this is still one of the best werewolf movies. It's up there with American Werewolf in London and The Howling.

Its quite bloody especially towards the end when a school caretaker becomes the latest victim to Gingers lycanthropic hunger.