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Welcome to Dreadful Things - a repository of horror movie reviews, from the classics of Universal and Hammer, to the modern day blood and gore shockers ...
Launched: 12/9/03

Main Features
Reviews - an A-Z listing of all the films contained on this site, enter this vault of horror at your own risk, and be warned, some of the inclusions are not for the faint hearted or those easily shocked by blood, gore, violence, nudity and bad language - and other good stuff!
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Top Ten Scariest - the ten films which I consider to be the scariest movies ever to be unleashed on to an ususpecting cinema-going public.
Ah, I remember the first time I saw her pretty head spin round, and witnessed her vomit green puke everywhere - it was love at first sight!
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Personal Favourites - personal demons, some of which have haunted me for some time now, they tempt me back for more and more, and then - once they've got me in their clutches - they keep me there, horrified, but yet strangely compelled.
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Scream Queens - The bleeding ladies of horror cinema past and present are worshipped and adored here (and there's pics!!)here
The Dreadful Chat Room - Why not drop into the Dreadful Chat Room, if you dare risk it.  Discus horror films, the actors, the actresses, the directors, and this site, with other Dreadful visitors.  It's waiting for you! here

Most recently added reviews ...
Added 6/4/11 - Triangle  (pictured left)
Melissa George plays Jess, who goes on a sailing trip and ends up on a mysterious old ship where nobody appears to be onboard and weird things are happening, and there is more than one of her and every one of her is out to kill everyone else - but why?!  
Added 6/4/11 - Melissa George

Melissa George added to our Scream Queens pages, and the star of The Amityville Horror, 30 Days of Night and Triangle also added to our poll (vote for her on our Scream Queens page now!) here

Added 2/4/11 - Scary movie 3 
Pamela Anderson's boobs bounce around for a while in a gratuitous un-sexy soft porn type pre-title sequebce spoof of The Ring and then we are served up a much funnier than the other two previoua movies, horror movie spoof comedy.  
Added 5/9/04 - Underworld
Vampires vs werewolves and the complications when one race falls in love with another.  Personally, if I were a vampire I can't imagine falling for a chick that might sprout hair any minute and start howling, but each to their own!
Added 4/7/04 - Wrong Turn
You know how it is, you get stuck in traffic, you're late for an interview for a new job, you decide to take a short cut through the woods where the murderous inbred rednecks live!  But at least you get to meet Faith from Buffy!

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