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A few words from your webmaster about what the site's all about, which you may find useful
About Me
Ever since I can remember I've loved a good horror movie, or a bad one even (even a bad horror movie has its good moment!) 
     From the early films I stayed up to watch on late night TV in my youth, especially the Hammer films, and of course the classic Universal movies, through the 80s with the home video revolution that brought us video nasties, and right up to the re-emergence of horror in the late nineties, with films such as Scream and The Blair Witch Project.
     Horror still gives me a buzz, it still comes up with something new occasionally, and of course there's always the classics to dip into if you run out of new stuff.
To bring you reviews of both classic and modern horror movies, some in more detail than others, but nevertheless striving to give you a good idea of the film in question.
What We Do
Provide reviews, as I've said above, based on personal choice.  If I like a movie for what ever reason, I'll review it, regardless of whether it's a brilliant work of art or a Z-grade stinker!  Even if it it's really bad, there may be one scene (sometimes known as: the good bits!) or even a few good (or bad) lines of dialogue that make the whole worth watching.  Or it may be so bad it's good for a laugh, such as Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space!
What We Don't Do
Bring you news of all the latest film, video, DVD etc releases, although we may bring you the odd piece of news occasionally, but don't rely on us for all the latest up to date information about the world of horror!
Queries, Questions and the Guestbook
If you have a query or a question about a horror movie don't email us, instead use the guestbook, and maybe some other visitor to the site - or even myself - may provide you with the information you need.  That's basically what I've set the guestbook up for, as well as seeking praise for providing you with such a wonderful site (or indeed praise for my modesty!)  Of course criticism is also welcome, if you don't like an aspect of the site, or if you'd like to suggest any improvements (please do all this n the guestbook).
     At the moment we don't accept reviews from you to include on this site, although that may change in the future - so watch this space!
That's a about it, all that remains for me to say is that I hope you enjoy using this site and hope that you will find it useful!