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1999 Dir: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez. With: Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael Williams.

This is the one that started the debate going again about which is the scariest film of all time, and whether this was it, and the answer is no, not really.

All the ingredients are there, complete with the unseen thing or whatever is out there that scares the living crap out of us, but we've been here before.

This film seems so familiar, The Evil Dead, The Haunting, Deliverance, et al.

Some genuinely unsettling moments though. 'What the fuck was that?' springs to mind, but when the camera pans around we see nothing but darkness. In fact during most of this movie we remain in the dark - literally! It's all darkness and trees!

Still a good movie however, but sadly no gore - apart from the discovery of a severed bloody nose! And thankfully no witch on a broomstick, in fact the witch is not seen once throughout the whole movie!

Some people were physically sick after viewing it - mainly due to its jerky camera work though rather than its horror. Nice trick guys!

Truly an original concept, although has anyone seen The Last Broadcast, or Cannibal Holocaust? Well, maybe not that original!