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1998 Dir: Jake West. With: Eileen Daly, Christopher Adamson, Jonathan Coote, Kevin Howarth, David Warbeck.

The movie opens in 1850 where Lilith Silver (Eileen Daly) is caught in the line of fire during a duel over her between two love rivals, one of them, Sir Blake, then uses his own vampiric powers to revive Lilith by making her one too!
After the bond-like title sequence, we cut to modern day in a Goth nightclub, called Transalvania, where our Eileen is holding court with some wannabe vampires and having a dig at the establishment, sighting the vampire as an outcast, much like the Goths in the club. They, however, are pretending to be vampires, she, unknown to them, is the real thing!

A wannabe vampirette engages our Miss Silver in a conversation about the nocturnal creature.

'Convention sucks: nine-to-five, dress codes, anally retentative rules and politicians statistics. There's the real horror in life, the real evil that sucks the soul, our Eileen informs her.

But she has more to say on the subject. 'A vampire is an unconditional individual who enjoys life beyond talking about petty problems and piss-boring jobs.'

When a disillusioned Goth says to her, 'Think about what Bram Stoker wrote.' Lilith says, 'Fuck Bram Stoker.'

Now there's sacrilege for you!

In modern day Lilith Silver is a hired hit woman, known as the Angel of Death. The film contains some bloody scenes as Lilith Silver claims her victims, and shes not fussy who she beds (men and women) to get her fix of the red stuff.

Of course, all this bloody mayhem doesnt go unnoticed - I mean victims drained of blood are going to cause a bit of a stir!  Pretty soon the police sit up and take notice, as does a cult, who are identified by a mysterious ring. 

This movie is quite pleasing on the eye, I mean Lilith struts through almost the entire thing wearing a PVC cat suit, and when shes not got that on shes bedding some bloke or woman!  Eileen Daly is probably one of the sexiest vampires ever to hit the screen.

Unfortunately the movie looks at times a bit like a music video, thats the only criticism, but this is good fun and makes for a great vampire movie!