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Scream Queens

The bleeding ladies of horror, mistresses of darkness, and ... queens of scream!

Fay Wray

(b. 1907)

You've got to hand it to the big fella - King Kong had great taste in dames. Which probably explains why he held onto Fay Wray for so long in the movie of the same name!

The Canadian born actress was immortalised on screen in the movie, other genre films she starred in were: The Mystery of the Wax Museum, The Most Dangerous Game, and The Vampire Bat.



Elsa Lanchester

(1902 - 1986)

Probably best known for being "The Bride" in James Whale's classic, The Bride of Frankenstein, where she also played the writer, Mary Shelley.

The British born actress was a former dance instructor and married the actor Charles Laughton in 1929.

Who can forget Frankenstein's shock-haired creation she portrayed in the film, and again, like Wray, she's an icon of horror.


Janet Leigh

(b. 1927-2004)

Queen of the shower scene!

Old Hitch had an eye for the women and so gave us some fantastic leading ladies (although what he did with them was a bit brutal - remember Tippi Hedren in The Birds for instance?) Of course we all know now what Leigh's fate was at the hands of Norman Bates, don't we!

Janet Leigh would later appear in genre films, The Fog, and Halloween H20, with her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.


Ingrid Pitt

(b. 1944)

Queen of the vampires!

The polish -born actress starred in Hammer's The Vampire Lovers and a vampire star was born! Although she only played a vampire once more after this, in a segment of The House That Dripped Blood, she is know as a vampire icon thanks to Lovers. The overtones of lesbianism helped, as in the movie she cavorts with women a great deal (and then of course bites them in the bosom - as you do!)

She also starred in Hammer's Countess Dracula, portraying bloodthirsty countess, Elizabeth Bathroy, The Wicker Man, and more recently in The Asylum.


Barbara Steele

(b. 1938)

Those eyes!

The British born actress became an icon of Italian horror, before broadening out to star in American and British productions, and of course with this widening her appeal. Amongst her many genre films are: the classic Black Sunday, Castle of Blood, The Horrible Dr Hitchcock, Corman's The Pit and the Pendulum, Curse of the Crimson Altar, Shivers, and Piranha.



Linda Blair

(b. 1959)

Possessed by Satan in The Exorcist, for which she was Oscar-nominated, she levitated, cursed, vomited green goo everywhere, and masturbated with a crucifix. Follow that! She did, but not with any great success, she sort of descended into b-moviedom in films such as: Hell Night, Nightforce, and Grotesque. She was Repossessed in1990!

Nice girl - shame about the revolving head!


Jamie Lee Curtis

(b. 1958)

Made her name in John Carpenter's Halloween, starred in a few of the following Halloween films, most notably Halloween H20 with mother Janet Leigh.

Other genre films included The Fog (also with mom!) and Prom Night.

More recently in action thriller, Virus.




Sigourney Weaver

(b. 1949)

Battled against the alien in Alien, but that wasn't the end of it, she returned to do battle with its relatives - in the sequels!

She also starred in genre films, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II and Copycat.

More recently in sci-fi spoof, Galaxy Quest.




Mindy Clarke

(b. 1972)

Auditioned for role of Xena Warrior Princess in the TV show of the same name, starred in Return of the Living Dead 3 as a sexy, pierced zombie, and also feared in genre ralted flicks, Killer Tongue and Hitcher 2. Though has moved away from horror now!





Neve Campbell

(b. 1973)

Queen of Scream - literally!

The Canadian born actress came to everyone's attention on American TV series Party of Five. She starred in all three of the Scream films, playing Sidney Prescott, who is menaced by Ghostface in all three but still managed to live to fight another sequel!

Also starred in genre films, The Craft and The Dar



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