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Top Ten Scariest

Here are the top ten scariest horror flicks (in no particular order) in my opinion -you may disagree, no doubt you will!

The Evil Dead

They're dead and theyre evil, apparently!

Friday the 13th

Woman avenges the death of her son in a variety of grisly and terrifying ways, by killing campers after they've had sex. here


Michael Myers returns to his hometown just in time for Halloween, after escaping from the nuthouse. here

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The story of a family of cannibals who have a love of power tools! here

Psycho (1960)

Norman likes to dress in his dead mother's clothes and talk to her as if she's still around, he also has a big knife! here

The Haunting (1963)

Some people are spending the night in a haunted house when they are awoken in the night by a loud banging and wonder what it is. here

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The dead rise and attack the living, and are more than a bit peckish. here

The Exorcist

Girl becomes possessed by the Devil and then begins to swear a lot.

The Shining

Man becomes possessed by evil spirits haunting an isolated hotel, then finds a use for a big axe!

The Blair Witch Project

Unseen witch haunts some campers while they're making a home video. here