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1960  Dir: Alfred Hitchcock.  With: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin.

One of the most famous scenes in movie history has got to be the shower scene from Hitchcock's Psycho.  Everyone knows it.  It still packs a punch - it can still make you wince!  The shrieking music, the sound of the knife entering into flesh (ouch!)   Then the blood going down the plughole!

This is by far superior to the pointless, almost shot-for-shot colour remake of recent years.  It's hard to imagine old Hitch approving of having Norman Bates masturbate as he looks through his peephole at the showering Miss Crane!

Psycho is one of a number of films that is inspired by the weird American serial killer, Ed Gein.  The other movies being, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Deranged and Silence of the Lambs.  Yep old Ed was quite an inspiration on horror!

The movie begins in a cheap hotel room where Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) has just been having a quickie with her lover.  She goes back to her office where a rich client is waving money around.  Our Miss Crane then steals the money and drives out of town (naughty girl!)

She ends up at The Bates Motel and soon encounters the owner.

On the surface Norman Bates seems like a perfectly normal guy, if a little edgy and nervous.  What we don't know when we first meet the Motel proprietor is that he has a little hobby of dressing up as his dead mother, who he has nicely preserved in the cellar of the house that backs onto the Motel.

Every boy needs a hobby!

Bates, as Miss Crane is about to find out when she takes a shower, is a knife-wielding, transvestite, mother-fixated, madman!  It's amazing just how wrong you can be about people!