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1974  Dir: Tobe Hooper.  With: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danzinger, Paul A.Partain, William Vail, Gunnar Hansen.

So you're driving along in your campervan and you pick up one of the locals, who then proceeds to cut himself open and find it really amusing, you don,t automatically think you,ve strayed into the territory of a family of cannibal, chainsaw wielding maniacs, do you?  Do you?

Well in Tobe Hooper's classic terrifying film, that's exactly what happens to a bunch of kids who drive into such an area in their campervan.

The victims in this film are so irritating that you feel like cheering when they meet their deaths care of Leatherface and the family weird.  Especially the cripple in the wheelchair - who is the most annoying character ever to wheel himself onto screen!

This movie if frightening, unsettling, and uncomfortable to watch; especially one of the final scenes when they have the girl (queen of screamers Marilyn Burns - she really was a scream queen!) to dinner (almost literally - before she escapes!)

The atmosphere of the film is like that of a slaughterhouse - there are flies buzzing; you can almost smell the stench of death from an abattoir

When I first saw this film I was expecting bloody chainsaw killings, however all the killings happen off-screen, but don't let that put you off, this film will satisfy any horror fan!