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2009. Dir: Christopher Smith. With: Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Liam Hemsworth, Henry Nixon, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung.

If you like the idea of there being more than one Melissa George (like I, for one!), then this is probably the movie for you, as there are several!

Single mother of an autistic child, Jess (Melissa George) is struggling to cope, and is invited to go sailing with Greg (Michael Dorman), a regular customer at the diner where she works as a waitress. Also joining them are Victor (Liam Hemsworth), Downey (Henry Nixon) and wife Sally (Rachael Carpani), old friends of Greg, and Heather (Emma Lung), a friend Sally is trying to set Greg up with.

While out there (we presume it’s the Bermuda Triangle - although no one’s saying!) a storm capsizes Greg's boat. However they see a ship. Jess thinks she sees a figure stood on it, they shout to the figure, and they are allowed to get on the ship.

It turns out to be, apparently, the Aeolus, a cruise ship from the 1930s that seems to be empty.

They take a look around to see if they can find anybody and while they’re doing so, Jess feels that she has been there before. (Maybe we’ve seen something similar to this, ourselves, at first, as it seems to resemble The Shining so far).


As the group explores the ship further, strange things begin to happen. Jess finds her keys on the floor, food appears to have been left out for them, and they hear footsteps and nosies. They discover a message written in blood on a mirror, which reads: GO TO THEATER - not exactly RED RUM, if we’re talking about this being like The Shining, is it?

So, we’re off to the theatre, apparently! But here begins a masked figure’s stalking of the group, with a gun. Some of them seem to think that Jess is the one who’s attacked them or shot them. Some of the number are shot, while Jess escapes injury, and tries to piece together the mystery and survive.

A little while later she finds out that the masked figure is actually another version of herself, and that they are trapped in a reoccurring time loop of some kind (so, we’ve ditched The Shining and now we’re in Groundhog Day!

She is told (by one of the other versions of herself - the masked assailant) that it all can only be broken by killing all her friends. So she has to find a way of putting it right each time it reoccurs.

This is a great movie, and there are plenty of things to keep you hooked, and the delicious Miss George in low cut top that gets grubbier as the film goes on, as she gets into more than one or two scrapes, is more appealing than Bruce Willis in his vest in Die Hard any day, I must admit!